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NUMBER CONTENTS Availabilty Unit Price
PC001-PC002 Sporting/Commercial Revolver and Pistol Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
PC003 Sporting/Commercial American "Inch" Rifle Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
PC004 Sporting/Commercial British "Inch" Rifle Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
PC005 Sporting/Commercial Metric (All) Rifle Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
PC006 Combustible, Patent-Ignition, Pinfire and Rimfire Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
PC007-008 Military Revolver, Pistol and Automatic Pistol Carrtridges AVAILABLE 1.00
009 Military .303" and Allied Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
010 Military Pre-NATO, NATO, Post-NATO and Experimental Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
011 Military Post-NATO .223"/5.56mm and Experimental Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
012 Military Czarist, Soviet, Russian and East-Bloc Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
013 Military 7.9mm Kurz, 7.9mm Mauser and Related Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
014 Military U.S. Small Arms and Cannon Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
015 Military Metric Rifle Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
016 Military Obsolete Black-Powder Rifle/Machine-Gun Cartridges AVAILABLE 1.00
017 Military Heavy Machine-Gun Cartridges (Less than 20mm) AVAILABLE 1.00
018 Military Cannon Cartridges (20mm and above) AVAILABLE 1.00



All sales are made in accordance with ALL U.K. Laws.



All prices are shown in pounds Sterling per single Cartridge. Buyers in the United Kingdom should forward the full remittance for the Ammunition plus the appropriate increment for Freight or Postage. Overseas Buyers should either send payment in Sterling (if by Cheque an amount of 5.00 should be added to cover Banking costs) or if in Foreign Currency to add the equivalent of 10 Sterling to cover the charges made by U.K. Banks to clear foreign cheques.




We regret that the Sale of Ammunition to 'Young People' cannot be entertained. This ruling applies to all persons under the age of 14 years. It must be considered binding for both "live" and "inert" (Cartridges with Propellant Charge removed and Primer "oiled") Ammunition. Those young people between the ages of 14 and 17 years may be supplied with "inert" ammunition, only if they produce a letter of Parental Consent. Therefore, no persons falling into the first group should apply to us for the purchase of Collectors Cartridges, and those in the second group should carefully comply with our Conditions of Sale.




We are able to undertake the Export of Ammunition to Dealers and Collectors all over the World (providing that there is no U.K. Government Embargo to the particular destination involved). In the main, for Sporting Ammunition, it is possible to get a U.K. Export Licence without any Documents from the Purchaser other than a photocopy of an Import Licence or Ammunition Permit (this would depend on the local regulations). However, in some cases (generally for Military Ammunition) it may be necessary for the Purchaser to obtain an Import Licence (of which a photocopy is required) and an International Import Certificate (the original of which is required). Due to the Foreign Exchange Market all Export Orders must be prepaid prior to dispatch. In the case of large orders this can be arranged by a Letter of Credit to be paid against Shipping Documents. Such a Documentary Credit must be Irrevocable, drawn on a First Class London Bank and payable in London, both Divisible and Transferable with Part Shipments permitted, and all Banking Charges to be borne by the Consignee. All charges quoted will be "Ex Works", and any additional charges for Inland Freight, IATA Packaging, Customs, Clearance, Airline, Delivery and Sundry charges are also to the account of the Consignee. All our other Terms of Business are applicable to Export Orders.




All visits to our premises MUST be by Appointment, which can only be arranged with at least twenty-four hours prior notice. We regret that it is impossible to inspect our Stocks as these are stored in Special High-Security Armouries. It is also important to note that a minimum of one full day is required to bring any Ammunition to our Office premises for purchase or inspection.




We are always interested in purchasing "lots" of ammunition from 2mm to 57mm. No amount is either too small or too large for us to consider. So, if you are interested in receiving the highest prices please contact us.




There are now new Europe-wide Laws, as well as draconian prohibitions in the United Kingdom relating to completely new groups of ammunition which have become classified under Section 5 of the Firearms Act. This class of "Prohibited Ammunition" includes Pistol Ammunition with Hollow or Expanding Bullets, all Rifle Ammunition with Expanding bullets (apart from Deer-Hunting calibers), all Armor-Piercing Ammunition, all Incendiary Ammunition and all Explosive (or Exploding) Ammunition. However, grudging recognition has been given to Cartridge Collectors and variations to Firearms Permits may be made to allow the collection of such ammunition. Unfortunately for Cartridge Collectors, these laws relate to the projectile as well as the loaded ammunition and therefore having the round Inert does NOT make a difference (a Factory Dummy loaded with a softnose bullet is "prohibited"). If you want to continue to collect these types of Ammunition you need to apply for the necessary variation!